Unless you are wildly more perceptive than we are (or you happen to be one of the people who created the spot itself), we’re going to guess that, like us, after watching this 17 second teaser for Bud Light’s “Epic Night” Super Bowl commercial, you will have no idea what the hell is going on.

The commercial is touted as featuring 412 actors, 5 rock stars, 4 celebrities, and a whole boat load of extras, all conspiring to provide one unsuspecting gentleman a truly epic night. Do we believe that this wasn’t all a scripted setup and that the guy being asked if he is “up for whatever happens next” is not in on the whole thing? No. No we don’t believe that.

Do we imagine that this will be an ad of epic proportions anyway? Sure, why not. The company must have spent enough millions on it to make the spot epic for its price alone, anyway. Just with the paychecks for all the actors, the locations, and the camera gear alone (oh, supposedly the commercial used 58 hidden cameras) Budweiser must have spent millions, to say nothing of the four million dollar broadcast fee commanded by Fox for airtime during Super Bowl XLVIII!

Here’s the teaser… tell us what you think: