The commercials running Super Bowl XLVIII were already shaping up to be star-studded affairs, with the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Laurence Fishburne appearing in ads, just to name two A-list celebrities featured in the big game’s advertising. But now we have news that one of the worldwide best-known stars of our time will be making his Super Bowl commercial premiere: Bud Light’s ad will feature none other than Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Schwarzenegger boasts a resume nearly a mile long, having won multiple Mr. Universe bodybuilding contests as a young man, having starred in dozens and dozens of huge Hollywood blockbuster films, and of course having recently served as the governor of the state of California. Now to that long list of accomplishments Ahnold (as he is frequently called, and fairly so) will add a star turn in an ad.

Schwarzenegger’s Bud Light Super Bowl commercial is reportedly a humorous spot, which is perfectly in keeping both with the beer brand’s past advertising and with much of the work of the actor himself: this is a man who was not only The Terminator, but also starred in such comedic gold as “Kindergarten Cop,” “Jingle All the Way” and “Twins” (fine films all, and no, we’re not being sarcastic).

The Governor is reportedly being paid three million dollars for his Bud Light Super Bowl commercial, and we think that is a fair price to pay for a spot that will almost surely go viral and will likely enter into the hallowed annals of the classic Super Bowl commercial – how could it not, this is a recipe for brilliance!? If you have any doubt about that, consider this: while this will be Schwarzenegger’s first major commercial appearance in the U.S. market, the gentleman has long been known for his foreign commercials, particularly gems like these out of Japan:

Arnie Screaming “Poi!”: