The contest for the best Super Bowl commercial from Super Bowl XLVIII may well be over before the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos have even had the chance to take the game’s first commercial break. The ad we are going to share with you in just a moment is not only one of the best commercials we have ever seen, it would in fact not be out of place competing on the short film festival circuit!

This commercial is not only beautifully shot, but it also conveys a wonderfully profound message, using a variety of little vignettes to express the same message, one tried and true but still as relevant and powerful as ever: Make Love, Not War!

Who is behind this touching, wonderfully photographed Super Bowl commercial? That’s the biggest surprise of all! The ad you are about to watch is from none other than Axe! You have to hand it this Unilever brand – they are normally known for their racy and/or ludicrous commercials and advertising campaigns (these are the same guys planning to send someone into space as a PR blitz, remember), and here they are making us tear up as we think about their new brand, Axe Peace!

We’re going to show you Axe’s lovely Super Bowl commercial now, and then, to show you just how far removed this ad is from some of their offerings from years past, we’ll show you another Axe commercial that is a bit more emblematic of their usual advertising.

We leave it to you to vote whether you like Axe’s standard approach of scantily clad beach-going co-eds, or whether you prefer this cinematic Super Bowl spot depicting the undefeatable power of love all around the world. (Here’s a hint: pick the latter!)