OK, earlier we said that it already looked like Axe was going to have the best commercial from Super Bowl XLVIII. We’re going to have to walk that one back a few steps, because we just got our hands on the teaser for the Bud Light spot starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And to play off of their advertising campaigns own slogan, “whatever is coming” from this commercial looks like it is going to be Super Bowl commercial solid gold! Channeling his hairstyle from the epic “Conan the Barbarian” films and armed with a ping pong paddle (or table tennis, for the purists), the former governor of California goes through a series of wacky warm-ups as he gets ready for his Super Bowl commercial debut.

Sure, we’re excited to see Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses again, and sure maybe the other Bud Light spot, “Epic Night,” is going to be worth remarking upon, but for now, we’re shifting our bets to the spot featuring Arnold S. as the best of the big game!

Arnold Zipping Up:


And then teasing us a little bit more: