We’ve been given a sneak peak at the upcoming Super Bowl commercial debuting Nestlé’s new Butterfinger Cup, and so of course we are immediately sharing it with all of you nice folks! This teaser doesn’t reveal much about the company’s actual Super Bowl commercial, but at least we can guarantee that they decided to go with humor. (Of course it’s not like a dramatic short film would ever be the best way to sell candy…)

The teaser tells us that as of 2/2/14, it will be time for some “cup therapy,” and that it’s time to try something new… might that be a swipe at a venerable old peanut butter and chocolate candy cup made by a certain other brand? We’ll leave that alone, the important thing for us is that the commercial itself is great.

Oh, OK the hell with it, let’s drop the journalistic integrity: we can’t wait to try one of these things, it sounds like a marriage made in heaven!

Peanut butter, chocolate, and Butterfinger flakes? Sign us up right now!