If you thought the only time you would ever see Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos on screen together was when you popped in one of the discs from your “Full House – The Complete Series” DVD collection (and there’s no shame in admitting you own this), then up until now, you were right. But thanks to Dannon’s Super Bowl commercial for their Oikos brand of Greek yogurt, the boys are back in town!

When you have a recipe made up of one part Greek yogurt, one part Saget, one part Stamos, and one part Coulier, who knows how awesome the final product could be? If this little teaser that we were sent by our mole—er, contact—at an ad agency is any indication, then Dannon’s Super Bowl spot is sure to be comedic gold.

They got our attention at “Full House,” they kept it with Bob Saget in a bathrobe.

And this teaser is but one of many funny spots the boys of Full House teamed up to create! There are a whole series of these vignettes.

With that much effort spent on the build up to the big game commercial, our hopes are high that the Oikos spot will score a touchdown.