The race is still on for the best commercial from Super Bowl XLVIII, but we may have a winner when it comes to the contest for the best teaser leading up to the big game. VW is back, baby! Volkswagen commercials are perennial favorites for many Super Bowl commercial enthusiasts, and last year’s “Get Happy” or the classic “Star Wars Kid” have set the bar high for this automaker.

But just take one look at the teaser they put together in the run up to this year’s Super Bowl ad! The spot plays off Volkswagen’s proud heritage as a quality, precision German automobile, and shows that when it comes to advertising, maybe engineers are the wrong folks for the job. How meta is that, huh?

A commercial within a commercial teaser that is clever and successful by being aware that it’s not clever or successful!

We’re taking our hats off to VW for this commercial teaser based on its own merits, and we also kind of like the fact that it reveals nothing specific about their upcoming Super Bowl commercial other than the fact that there is indeed a commercial coming.