The Bud Light Super Bowl commercial teaser we’ve got for you today will tell you absolutely nothing about what to expect from the beer brand’s upcoming ads, but boy oh boy will it get your attention. The spot is a single seventeen second shot of acclaimed actor Don Cheadle standing in a hallway with a llama and laughing at a joke he has just heard (seemingly from the llama, by the way). Want to buy some beer now? No? Fine, but we’ll bet you’re intrigued by the ad.

Bud Light’s pre-Super Bowl XLVIII advertising campaign has fully embraced the type of absurdist humor so prevalent on television, in movies, and online these days. And while it’s great to see a major company embrace the cultural zeitgeist, that type of comedy can be as easily flubbed as it is properly executed, and frankly we would have our doubts about the merit of Bud Light’s upcoming commercials were it not for the star power they seem to have amassed.

Don’t forget that Cheadle and his llama are joining a certain Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.