Seeing as the song is so common, it may seem funny for non-trained singers to learn that the American National Anthem is actually a difficult song to perform with technical proficiency. There are octave switches, sustained notes, and, for some reason, easily missed lyrics.

But we have a sneaking suspicion that this year’s performer is going to do just fine. Renée Fleming has been given the honor of opening Super Bowl XLVIII by singing the Star Spangled Banner, and she comes to the job with just a bit of experience under her belt. For those of you not up to date on the classical music world, Fleming is a virtuosic opera singer who has won multiple Grammy Awards and even a National Medal of Arts, awarded to her by the President.

Fleming sang at the Beijing Olympic Games and at Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee ceremony, so adding the Super Bowl to her resume is lovely, of course, but it’s just one more feather in her already impressive cap. She joins a diverse lineup of past Super Bowl opening acts, as it were, including Beyoncé, Billy Joel, and the Back Street Boys, to name a few.

Here’s Ms. Fleming doing her thing: