We made it rather obvious that last year’s crop of Super Bowl ads from Toyota didn’t float our boats. Remember their commercials from 2013’s big game? Actress Kaley Cuoco played a purple pantsuit wearing genie who “comically” granted wishes to various Toyota owners? The ads weren’t great. In fact, they weren’t even good. They were… bad. Not funny. Feel free to disagree, but make sure you rewatch them first, like we just did (ideally for the last time).

This year, however, things are looking up! The prospects for a winning Toyota ad during Super Bowl XLVIII are high indeed, and it’s all because of one simple word: Muppets. That’s right, baby! The Muppets are headed to the Super Bowl! Or at least to the most important part of the game, the commercial breaks.

Our sources tell us that one of Toyota’s commercials debuting on February 2nd will be titled “Joyride” and features a Toyota Highlander full of Muppets! The spot will also feature actor and former NFL player Terry Crews, known for his muscular physique and comic overacting (remember those classic Old Spice commercials he did?).

All in all, this is a recipe for success. And to further whet your appetite, we have scored some “behind the scenes” footage from the making of the Muppet Highlander Super Bowl spot. Enjoy this interview with television’s most famous frog, Kermit! Halfway through the question and answer session, Kermit is joined by his amply-nosed friend Gonzo.

This is a rather long video, but for the Muppet enthusiast (or the Toyota aficionado), the clip is well worth the watch. For the rest of you, feel free to just wait another week and a few days and you can enjoy the fruits of the Muppets and Terry Crews’ labor on Super Bowl Sunday!