Finally, here it is, your chance to see stunner Scarlett Johansson drink lots of soda! Oh and also you can get a good sense of SodaStream’s forthcoming Super Bowl commercial. They have released a “making of” style video that shows footage from the set of the ad, has interviews with the commercials star (meaning Ms. Johansson, of course) and with SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum.

The first thing that will strike you about this reel is the fact that, unless Scarlett Johansson is lying right through her teeth, she drinks a whole lot of soda! She claims to love SodaStream’s ginger ale flavor, their orange soda flavor, their Dr. Pepper knock-off, and of course their diet grapefruit soda.

The second thing you might notice about this clip is the truly awful music playing behind it. Did no one notice how terrible the tune bouncing along behind the action is before they locked the picture and threw this thing online? It’s like the hold music from hell!

This year’s SodaStream Super Bowl commercial promises to be less controversial than last year’s in some ways – recall that last year the company released an ad showing competitors bottles exploding as customers turned to the SodaStream system – but there is still controversy to spare surrounding the company itself. Certain activists and political groups are starting to assail SodaStream for the location of its main manufacturing plant: the Israeli company’s main operations take place in an area of the West Bank that many feel to be illegally occupied territory.

That’s as far as we’ll wade into the political debate, we just want to see a great commercial (or one so terrible it’s worth watching for the jokes). Do you think SodaStream and Scarlett Johansson make a pair that makes that happen?

Based off the this teaser reel, we’re not too confident…