According to the people from Audi, “something scary is coming” on Super Bowl Sunday. Could it be their all new 2015 Audi A3 sedan? We’ll have to wait until Super Bowl XLVIII to know for sure, because much like almost all of the other teasers for this year’s Super Bowl commercials, Audi’s teaser tells us nothing about their actual upcoming spot.

The teaser shows a panel of judges presiding over a dog show, and everyone is being made more than uneasy by the appearance of one particular pooch, a dog that makes one panelist say “I’ve never seen a breed like this.” We don’t see the dog in question, but we hear his frightening snarl. And we get it, Audi, that sound represents the throaty roar of your car’s engine, right? Are we right?

Yeah, we’re right. Here’s the teaser