In full disclosure, we’re not really sure if this is a teaser or the ad itself… but regardless here is a thirty second clip showing a muscle-bound Danica Patrick along with dozens of hulking, muscled men converging on a spray tan parlor all thanks to good old GoDaddy!

As reported earlier, don’t worry, that’s not Danica’s real body; the curvaceous racecar driver is wearing a body suit. As for the other folks in this commercial, yeah, they’re stronger than you (and us). We have a feeling that there might be more to come from this line of advertising come game day, because while this clip does function as a commercial already, you hardly see its ostensible star, Ms. Patrick, for more than a quick few seconds.

Let us know what you think, is this a teaser or an ad? We’ll all find out together during Super Bowl XLVIII.