You’ll remember last week’s teaser for Audi’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial, the dog show-themed spot in which a couple of canine competition judges remarked on a strange (and frightening) new breed of dog that had just entered the contest?

Well, this week we get a look at the breed that had those panelists so spooked. A new audi teaser featuring famed singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan shows us that the beast in question is the Doberhuahua! This odd hybrid dog, portrayed as sadly misunderstood by the affected songstress, has the head of a Doberman pincer and the body of a Chihuahua and it gets itself into no shortage of trouble.

Here’s our problem with the teaser, though: sure, it’s kind of funny, but more than anything it makes us think of someone with a swelled head (meaning overly proud, not just large-headed, for the record). We assume the folks at Audi meant to convey the notion that its A3 sedan may be on the smaller side, but it’s packed with power and ferocity, but the visual message we’re getting is just of an oversized head. So something of a miss, this one!

Hopefully the carmaker’s actual 60 second spot during Super Bowl XLVIII will hit closer to the mark. Here’s the latest teaser for your own judging: