Well, clothier H&M’s Super Bowl commercial is making things even more interactive than we thought! As earlier reported here, the company is going to feature one of the first ever “interactive” ads when it airs its Super Bowl XLVIII commercial. The spot will allow viewers with a certain type of “smart television” to click and shop in real time while the commercial is running!

And now you can even help choose which commercial that will be. Soccer star (and generally famous celebrity) David Beckham is starring in H&M’s Super Bowl spot, but the company has created two versions of the ad, and it’s up to viewers like you to vote for the selection you want at www.HW.com.

Lucky for you, though, if you don’t want to bother going to H&M’s website and dealing with watching two spots, voting, and all that jazz, we have found a video that shows both of the alternate setups for the commercial. In one, a scantily clad Beckham heroically ziplines above a cityscape; in the other, he gets locked outside in his underpants.

To be fair, both versions of the Beckham Super Bowl commercial are pretty similar, but still it will be fun to see which ad wins. As one is titled “#clothed” and the other “#unclothed” we are going to go out on a limb here and pick the second version there as the likely spot running during the Big Game.

And as you’ll see, the company saved some cash by filming brief segments that both lead into the same setup. Very clever, H&M! But is it clever enough to get millions of Super Bowl fans to click away from the commercials and buy items from your Bodywear Collection? We have our doubts about that!