By now all but the least savvy of Super Bowl commercial watchers know that there is a unique category of ads created with the exclusive plan to be “banned” from the game. These are usually the creations of smaller companies that could never hope to cough up the funds to run a big game ad in the first place, and thus they count on rejection by the network running the game in order to garner free PR. Think something along the lines of: “Hey, that commercial was banned from the Super Bowl? It must be pretty intense! Let’s watch it and then buy stuff!”

We saw this type of planned banned ad earlier this year from a firearms manufacturer (we’re playing directly into their hands by naming them again, we know, and we hate it) called Daniel Defense, and we’ve seen multiple other examples of this stilted tactic used during past games, too. Another notable perennial “banned” big game advertiser is the despicable company, a company which doesn’t even deserve a mention (dammit! We did it again!), but we’re trying to prove a point.

This year we are met with perhaps the most obvious and pathetic example of a commercial created just to be “banned” for added publicity, and it is from none other than annual advertising antagonist SodaStream. The thing that irks us so much about their “controversial” ad is that they clearly created a spot they plan to use, the one starring Scarlett Johansson which we have previously discussed. Then simply added in one throwaway line in which Johansson calls out two competitors by name with the artless line: “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.”

That’s it! That’s the cause of this huge “ban!” Obviously the editors will simple cull that 1.5 second line and SodaStream will run its Super Bowl commercial just like they always planned to. This ad is not banned, it is falsely inflated. But… wait… we just spent an entire article talking about SodaStream and their Super Bowl commercial! Dammit, they got us again!

Sigh. Here’s the big bad banned spot. Stand by for almost the exact same thing during Super Bowl XLVIII, no doubt!