Exciting news, Super Bowl commercial fans! Not only are we going to be one of the first spots anywhere on the web where you can see the first ever Super Bowl commercial from the nation’s #1 brand of Greek Yogurt, Chobani, but we’re also going to give you a peak at their attempt at some street-level viral marketing.

We’ll get to the Super Bowl commercial in a minute, and we’re as eager to hear what you think about the 60 second spot as we are to share it with you, but first we wanted to bring you up to speed on the company’s guerilla marketing campaign. As their big game ad features a big, hungry bear, what could have been a more logical way to generate publicity than bringing a big, hungry bear to downtown New York City!?

The company fortunately decided to go with a fake bear for their attempt at a viral marketing stunt. Thus it was that a giant but harmless brown bear recently lumbered around an NYC’s street corner, knocking over a hot dog stand (yes, it was a prop) and staring through the windows of a fitness center. Passersby stopped to snap pictures and take videos, and perhaps just briefly considered Greek Yogurt as a fine addition to their breakfasts or snack breaks?

The Super Bowl commercial itself, one of this year’s early full releases, is not all that funny, but we suppose it makes its point, which we’ll summarize as: “Finding healthy, natural foods can be tricky. So have some Chobani brand Greek Yogurt, because it’s natural and healthy.” Granted, that summary lacks the punch of a bear destroying a grocery store or a hot dog stand, but hey, it’s the desired take away, after all.

Your thoughts on this, if you please: