The Grammy’s Amazing Halftime Show

Watch out Super Bowl XLVIII, the Grammy Awards have already staged a halftime show that might just be impossible to top! Last Sunday, anyone tuned into the biggest music awards show of the year was treated to a surprise extravaganza, all thanks to Pepsi’s ongoing PR campaign hyping their upcoming big game halftime show (remember the Milligan, NE concert?).

The concept behind the Grammy’s Pepsi Halftime Show was that during football games music stars come out to entertain the crowds, so why shouldn’t football stars come out and performs for the crowd during a music-themed event?

And football stars there were indeed! This elaborately staged song, music, and dance routine began with former NFL great Deion Sanders singing an R&B style tune after suddenly popping up amidst the celebrities gathered in Los Angeles’s famous Staples Center arena. Sanders’ crooning was quickly interrupted by the irascible Terry Bradshaw, who was armed with a cowboy hat, a big loud shirt, and a guitar. Bradshaw launched into a country western style song, backed up by leaping flames, buxom dancers, and even a monster truck!

Added to this madness were more professional dancers and singers (including a certain Justin Timberlake, by the way), laser lights, other NFL players and then… just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier… famed former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka channeled his inner Miley Cyrus and rode into the extravaganza atop a giant football, aping the former child star’s controversial “Wrecking Ball” music video.

Oh, and also featured during this wild music number were dozens of cans and bottles of Pepsi, of course, and frequent references to the sponsor beverage. Of course the idea here was mainly to promote Pepsi and their upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, but the bar may already be set too high!

And before we show you the amazing video of the Grammy’s Pepsi Halftime Show, here’s a quick prediction for next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show headliners: we’re betting that this year’s multiple Grammy Award winners Daft Punk will take the center stage!