OK, admittedly that title is quite a mouthful, but there’s simply no shorter way to explain what Pizza Hut is doing this week! On Thursday, January 30th, a mere three days before Super Bowl XLVIII, the pizza chain is hosting an open casting call in downtown New York city, hoping to capture some quality footage they can use in a pregame ad to run on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pizza Hut has given themselves a mere seventy two hours to shoot, edit, and launch a commercial that will likely be seen by tens of millions of people even though it will air during the pregame coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII rather than during the actual championship. And they fully expect that the chance for such wide exposure will draw thousands of people out for the shoot. We know of at least one person who will be on hand: Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

This PR stunt is part of a large viral marketing campaign (also known as “encouraging nonpaid people to do most of the work making commercials for a company”) Pizza Hut is calling #GoForGreatness. We’ll hold off on making any assumptions if anything great is going to happen as a result of this little scheme until we see it with our own eyes, and for now we’ll just share a statistic that impressed us and might just impress you, too: on Super Bowl Sunday, Pizza Hut alone will likely sell more than two million pizzas!