Yes indeed, here it is: your first look at VW’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial. The only problem with that? It’s their weakest big game offering in years. We were getting excited after seeing the raucous teaser Volkswagen released a little while back, but unfortunately their Super Bowl commercial itself hardly lives up to the hype.

The spot is titled “Wings,” and it follows a markedly unoriginal format: two people are in a car talking, a comment leads to a wacky cutaway, and then we jump back to the conversation in progress. (Kia blew it using this setup last year with their “Space Babies” commercial, remember?) The critical flaw with this ad isn’t the hackneyed formula, however, it’s the fact that the “wacky cutaway” scenes aren’t very funny.

After a father tells his daughter a little quip about VW engineers, we are taken to a whimsical factory where comedy is supposed to fill the screen. But it doesn’t, really. We won’t give away any of the details, because you can watch the sixty second spot yourself after about another 13 second of reading, but suffice it to say this ad comes nowhere near the caliber of past VW ads like “Star Wars Kid” or “Get Happy.”

[Added: We’ve been told something else is in the works… and are hoping that this commercial is a leak, designed to lower expectations. Oh, who knew those German engineers could be sneaky!]