The wait is over! One of the most cinematic Super Bowl commercials in years has debuted early, and it comes to us courtesy of renowned British automaker Jaguar. We have been talking about Jaguar’s “British Villains” marketing campaign for weeks now, and we’ve shared teasers with you featuring each of the acclaimed (and evidently evil) actors featured in the carmaker’s Super Bowl ad.

Well the time has come to show you the entire minute long Jaguar Super Bowl commercial itself! But first, we thought we’d establish the “Villain Credibility” of each of the actors chosen for this, Jaguar’s first ever Super Bowl ad.

Sir Ben Kingsley needs little introduction – he created a breathtaking portrayal Gandhi, after all… but we’re talking about villains, and in that capacity he has also shined. Kingsley has created wonderful villains for films such as “Sexy Beast,” “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” and “Iron Man 3,” to name just a few.

Tom Hiddleston is half Ben Kingsley’s age, but he is an accomplished British (film) villain in his own right. Hiddleston is best known for having played the evil god Loki in the major motion pictures “Thor,” “The Avengers,” and “Thor: The Dark World.”

Filling out Jaguar’s triumvirate of British villains is actor Mark Strong, known for his roles in “Sherlock Holmes” and “Kick-Ass,” to name a couple. He would likely be glad to have everyone forget that he was also a villainous part of the colossal flop “Green Lantern.”

Jaguar’s action packed – and huge budget – commercial features jets, helicopters, chases down London streets, and of course prominent footage of the beautiful Jaguar F-Type Coupe. The villains calmly navigate their separate adventurous commutes to a villainous rendezvous, all well-dressed, with stiff upper lips, and typical British calm.

It is indeed a movie-quality ad, and while we wish there were a bit more narrative structure to the commercial, we readily admit that it’s a beautifully shot commercial that was no easy feat to produce.