Finally! We have finally found another Super Bowl XLVIII commercial which we can unabashedly praise! Well done, KIA, this year’s minute and a half long ad pretty much makes up for last year’s minute of fail known as “Space Babies.”

We had earlier discussed how Laurence Fishburne would be reprising his role as Morpheus from the wildly successful “Matrix” film series, and the celebrated actor does not disappoint. But his Morpheus reprisal, complete with lines directly parodying quotes from the first “Matrix” film, is only the start of the awesomeoness!

After convincing a couple to take KIA’s new entry into the luxury market, the K9000, for a spin, Fishburne/Morpheus first extolls all the virtues of the car in speech, and then he launches into a full-throated (and yes, overdubbed) operatic ballad, thus that the motorists and we, the viewers, can know “what luxury sounds like.”

The ad features a few other subtle “Matrix” references, such as two men wearing identical suits and sunglasses and a bending spoon, but even those who have never seen any of those celebrated films will get a kick out of this ad. It’s a win, KIA – well done!