The first thing you’ll notice about the new Super Bowl commercial from the makers of the Swiffle brand vacuum cleaner is that the actresses they hired had apparently been using IV bags filled with coffee that morning. Don’t get us wrong, we are all enthused by quality suction cleaning devices, but these two ladies seem almost unbelievably excited about their new Swiffles.

We understand that the advertisers intended to demonstrate how much the Swiffle can excite the average housewife, and while ultimately the wife-pleasing potential of the Swiffle does come across, the overacting reminded us of other mediocre ads from Super Bowls past such as the Taco Bell spot featuring irascible, wild elderly folks misbehaving.

The Swiffle ad lacks one major component which we would be remiss in not pointing out: we never see either of our irrepressible, cleanly ladies actually use the vacuum! One almost believes the makers of Swiffle have merely stuck their brand name on another company’s fine appliance! But that would call into question the legitimacy of a quote we received directly from Swiffle CEO, Zark Muckerberg, who stated: “The Swiffle represents the latest and greatest of tools bridging the gap between women’s liberation and having the TV room clean when a husband gets home. And no, we didn’t stick our label on someone else’s vacuum, how dare you ask that? I’ll sue you for libel in a thousandth of a second if you print that anywhere!”

While the production value on Swiffle’s Super Bowl commercial may be lacking in comparison to other ads we have seen this year, such as the epic mini film from Axe or the “Matrix” spoof put together by KIA, at least the brand’s messaging is clear: this is a vacuum for the ladies. Sorry, men, but your place is at the office or at the bar; leave those women alone so they can do some quality cleaning. In fact, as the Swiffle was designed with female empowerment in mind, any man who tries to share in the housework is really just a blatant chauvinist!

We’re not sure if this Swiffle commercial will join the rank of Super Bowl greats such as Apple’s “1984” ad or Volkswagen’s “Star Wars Kid,” but we will say one thing: we’re buying the wife two Swiffles as soon as the big game is over!

If one breaks, that’s no excuse to not keep right on cleaning up our mess.[quote_box_center]Kudos to HLG Studios for pulling this off for us.

Visit their website on and give them some work!

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Please share your views! We have been told that if there is enough outrage, this ad might be pulled before the game![/quote_box_center]