We’re going to come right out and say it: we love this commercial, but we would love just about any minute long clip featuring a bunch of singing Muppets. Toyota’s “Let’s Go Places” PR campaign has gone to great places indeed by tapping the manic spirit of Jim Henson’s Muppets as they take actor (and former NFL player) Terry Crews through a whirlwind adventure after Crews stops by their stranded , multicolored bus to lend a helping hand.

The ad is a success because it manages to be amusing, but also shows off some of the features of the Toyota Highlander (for example, it can apparently fit and “a whole flock of chickens and a grand piano”). Many of your favorite Muppets are featured, such as Animal and Gonzo, and of course Terry Crews, a man known for his statuesque physique, ends up shirtless. Oh, and he is dancing around while standing up through the sunroof while bare chested, for the record.

The “No Room for Boring” commercial Toyota is launching for Super Bowl XLVIII is also a wildly welcome change from their ads during 2013’s big game. We made no secret of our dislike for their “Genie” ads from last year, which were all centered on a weak, hackneyed punch line of a genie “comically” misunderstanding wishes. Whereas those ads were uninspired and forgettable, this commercial will be beloved by Muppet fans and will at least catch the attention of those relatively indifferent to Muppets.

The icing on the cake in Toyota’s Super Bowl XLVIII ad? A calm and collected Kermit the Frog watering his lawn while wearing a bathrobe as he chats with his neighbor. Oh, if only Terry Crews and Kermit actually chatted over shared hedges. Enjoy this one, folks!