Swing and a miss, Chevy! Feel free to disagree with us, but we think that Chevy’s Super Bowl commercial touting their new Silverado Heavy Duty truck simply doesn’t work that well. For starters, even though we know that most pickup trucks are indeed bought by men, that’s no reason to immediately cut women out of the equation (the equation in this case being buying this truck), but that’s pretty much what this ad does. The very first words are: “A man…. A man and his truck.”

The primary reason this Silverado Super Bowl ad doesn’t work is that it’s not sure if it’s supposed to be strong and manly, or wacky and tongue-in-cheek. The commercial’s narrative centers on a rugged cowboy-type guy brining a bull to a pasture in order to stud. The spot starts off with sincere shots of a man doing his day’s work using his trusty truck. But then the tone shifts, music kicks in, and soon you have a lusty bull licking his lips and eyeing interested lady cows.

This commercial starts off feeling like the famous “Farmer” Super Bowl commercial by Ram, but ends up aimlessly looking for a punch line.