The first full length Budweiser Super Bowl commercial we’ve gotten our hands on this year is certainly charming, no doubt of that. It tells the story of two unlikely yet inseparable friends, a cute little puppy and a mighty Clydesdale horse.

In the ad, the owners of the respective two animals keep trying to merely get on with their lives, inevitably drawing the pooch and the horse apart. Every time, though, the animals find a way to reconnect, whether that means sneaking under a fence for the little dog or leaping clear over a fence for the majestic steed.

OK so now we have established that the Budweiser commercial, which is titled “Best Buds,” by the way, is very cute. Here’s the problem… where’s the beer!? Sorry, but in our opinion, a beer commercial should feature at least one beer. This commercial does make us want to frolic with the animals, but it does not make us thirsty for a refreshing lager.