Well played, Newcastle Brown Ale! They have created a fake behind-the-scenes spot for a commercial they never actually intended to make and certainly never planned to air during Super Bowl XLVIII. In fact, the video’s star, actress Anna Kendrick, spends an entire two minutes acting faux-upset at the cancellation of her faux-commercial without even saying “Super Bowl,” as the word (and her prolific profanity) is always bleeped out.

This is clever viral marketing done right. Newcastle is not even pretending they made an ad they hoped would run during the big game; instead they just made a funny video that takes some of the aura of a Super Bowl commercial yet could have been shot for peanuts and was always intended simply to go right online.

Also, we’re a sucker for frequent use of the censorship bleep, it’s just funny! Sit back and enjoy this non-Super Bowl non-commercial little bit of marketing brilliance!