SportsCenter, the beloved long-running sports program, is well known for their comedic commercials, and a promo spot they just released is no exception. The commercial is yet another example of advertising that is not intended to air during the Super Bowl itself, yet makes excellent use of the excitement surround Super Bowl XLVIII yet skirts having to pay licensing fees by never mentioning the game directly. Instead the characters here discuss only “the big game.”

And as two of the four characters involved are the official mascots of the two teams facing off on Super Bowl Sunday, you know that sparks are going to fly! When the mascots of the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks step onto an elevator at the same time, the tension is immediately evident, and we know something ugly is going to happen. Oh, and it does.

The beauty of this short, thirty second clip is its absolute simplicity. There are no special effects, no random celebrities… it’s just two mascots messing with each other. We watched it several times over; the simple jokes here just work!