Hey, you… want to see a great Super Bowl commercial? Then check out this spot from Cheerios called “Gracie.” The commercial focuses on that intense moment when parents tell their only child that they’re not going to be an only for too much longer, and the medium through which this dad does that is using Cheerios laid out on the breakfast table to count up family members. The savvy (and adorable) little daughter adds one more Cheerio to the group of four, successfully negotiating her way into a puppy. Totally touching!

And totally ridiculous is the sure criticism this wonderful ad will draw from some very small-headed people based on the fact that the family depicted is interracial. When Cheerios first released an ad starring this same lovely family back in May of 2013, there was immediate backlash of such a magnitude that the YouTube video had its comments disabled.

That may well happen again this year, which only makes us respect Cheerios more for pressing ahead with this ad, an ad that more than stands on its own merits even without any added publicity based on what should be a non-issue.


If you are interested in seeing what caused all the stir last year, here is the first commercial featuring the same family you’ll see on Super Bowl Sunday. Take a look at this and then get ready to start scratching your head as to just how the hell anyone could find this offensive rather than excellent (or, at the very least, totally innocuous):

We certainly hope to see much more of this Cheerios family, especially when this baby brother and puppy we’ve been hearing about show up. And if negative publicity gets these spots more views, fine, that just means more eyes on a happy, stable family (and on a time-tested cereal).