Audi’s Super Bowl XLVIII has two big things going for it: first, the ad itself is pretty funny. Second, all of the teasers building up to it actually factor directly into the ad! We have seen far too many commercial teasers of late that try to catch our attention by being wacky or weird (we’re looking at you, VW!) and then end up having next to nothing to do with the ad itself.

And in fact, score a third point for Audi for tricking us: when we first saw their “Doberhuahua” teasers we assumed they were comparing their new Sedan to a hybrid beast that was small yet ferocious and strong. It turns out they were setting that up just to knock it down! In fact they are pitching their new affordable yet high-quality car as “luxury without compromise.” The doberhuahua was merely a foil, see!?

As for the ad itself, it features a terrifying little dog chasing a kid on a Big Wheels trike, biting Sara McLachlan’s guitar, and terrifying canines and humans alike at a snooty dog show. You know what that means? It’s a winner, that’s what.