You already saw the teaser for this commercial, and now it’s time to see the whole thing. And people… the whole thing is kind of… odd.

Is this the commercial we would have made were we the creative exec at an ad agency charged with creating a Super Bowl commercial for Beats Music? No, no it’s not. Does the ad work, though? Honestly, we can’t really tell – we need your input, people!

Beats Music is a new service that offers wide access to music for a monthly subscription fee. It is not an entirely new business model, but it does offer some personalization and mobile options that will make it an appealing platform for those folks who are really into music and have $14.99 a month to spend on their tunes. And you can bet the company thinks they’re going to be a success, as the ad they’re running during Super Bowl XLVIII is a full 60 second spot.

The commercial shows famed comedienne and talk show host-cum-dancer Ellen DeGeneres in an alternative world where strange humanlike animal folks frequently dance around to music. Add to the mix one part the aforementioned DeGeneres and another part Beats Music and pretty soon you have one odd, dance-filled Super Bowl commercial.

You won’t be able to see the full spot in its purest form until Super Bowl Sunday, but we can show you a clip from the Ellen Show in which you can view the entire ad. Should you want to cut to the chase, just jump to around the: 57 second mark and then watch the next minute or so. If you’re like us, you may find yourself scratching your head before that minute has elapsed…