Hold on there, Super Bowl commercial fans, you thought you already knew about ever movie trailer that was going to run during Sunday’s big game? Well, we have one more spot for you to see, and it just might be the most epic trailer of Super Bowl XLVIII. Hell, this might be the most epic spot you’ll see of any kind this Sunday, be it an ad for a movie, a car, a candy, and so on.

And it makes sense that this trailer is of such, dare we say, biblical proportions: it is promoting Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film “Noah.” Yes, that Noah… this is a huge Hollywood epic about the Great Flood! And this is not your father’s bible story (sorry, Charlton Heston); Aronofksy is a director known for such dark films as “Pi,” “Requiem for a Dream,” and “Black Swan.”

“Noah” will be the director’s first huge-budget action epic, and before we go any farther, let us be clear that, yes, the story of “Noah” is now apparently an action-packed adventure, and for more reasons than just that little global flood thing. No, the bible tale you thought you knew involves more than just an Ark, it also looks like it involves battles and magic flame staffs and Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Watson, to name a few of your favorite characters from the (revised) bible.

While we actually think the film looks pretty amazing, and we trust Aranofsky’s able – if occasionally macabre – direction, frankly what we can’t wait for is the tidal wave (perfect pun; PERFECT!) of criticism sure to wash in after this trailer is run before tens of millions of eyes on Super Bowl Sunday. This will be advertising money well spent, no doubt – not everyone is going to be as unruffled as we are by the Hollywood version of this story, and the buzz will be huge!