One of our contacts at an ad agency slipped us Heinz’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial promoting their world-famous ketchup brand, and now we’re slipping it to all of you. It’s a cute little spot overall, with people humming the beloved “If You’re Happy and You Know It” kids’ song, with the clap replaced by that ubiquitous pat on the back of the ketchup bottle.

Here’s where we have a problem with the ad, though: that ubiquitous pat on the bottle? It’s not a thing of happiness at all! Getting the proper amount of ketchup out of a glass bottle is on the same level of difficulty as was NASA’s landing of the rover Curiosity on Mars. The commercial depicts dozens of happy diners casually dispensing the ideal portion of condiment after a few light taps, rather than the standard results when trying to liberate ketchup from bottle which are A) absolutely nothing, or B) the entire bottle on one French fry.

That bit of artistic license aside, though, the ad is well made and pleasing enough, if not destined to be remembered in a decade (or in 16 years, which is how long it has been since Heinz’s last big game ad).