You’ve already seen the Coca-Cola’s “Going All the Way” Super Bowl commercial (because we got you the early scoop; you’re welcome), but now let’s take a deeper look and get behind the scenes! We have found a making-of video that will not only give you a better sense of how much work went into the spot, but will also give you a feel for the town and the people involved.

Our favorite thing about this video was finding out that the Coke commercial production team didn’t just roll into this town with a group of actors, a costume department, and a bunch of set decorators; they didn’t dress the place up the way the wanted, and then take off after the shoot.

No, this commercial used real folks from the town, right down to the teams of high school football players and their coaches. The team of the commercial’s protagonist is even wearing its genuine uniforms, which just happen to match the colors of the nearby Green Bay Packers. And in fact the man playing the referee in the spot is the local high school’s assistant principal!

The making-of video also offers much more extensive views of fabled Lambeau Field, which for many football fans is more of a shrine than an NFL stadium. We get the perspective of everyone from the young man who got to charge across that famed field to the actual groundskeepers who keep Lambeau Field looking picture perfect for each and every Packers game.

Coke’s Super Bowl commercial already scored good marks in our book, but this opportunity to see that the making of the spot truly was a community-involved undertaking only made us enjoy it more. It’s nice to see a big corporation taking a local approach to things for once.