OK, OK! Even leading Super Bowl commercial experts like us sometimes get things a bit wrong! We could go around looking for a an ad agency source to blame for leaking us faulty info (looking at you, Chuck!), or we could just say that apparently we got it wrong.

So… listen: contrary to what you might have heard (here…), there will be no Super Bowl trailer for the upcoming action flick “The Expendables 3.” The only film from the Lionsgate studio that will be having a Super Bowl ad is so much more fitting, though. Why, it’s a football movie!

During Super Bowl XLVIII, football fans everywhere will be treated to a preview of “Draft Day,” a film set to release on April 11th and which centers around the all-important, ever dramatic NFL draft process. The movie stars sport movie staple actor Kevin Costner, who is backed up by the likes of Jennifer Garner and Dennis Leary.

So a fitting spot indeed for a Super Bowl! Now, if only Costner could learn how to deliver the line “I love this job!” with even a modicum of convincing passion. (Oh well… he didn’t do the British accent for “Robin Hood,” why would he bother to do any voice action now?)