One never knows that to expect from James Franco – one minute he’s acting in five different films, the next he is enrolled in five different graduate studies programs, then suddenly he’s your mailman, then back to the movies, and so on – and so perhaps it’s fitting that, after watching this teaser, you won’t really know what to expect from carmaker’s Ford’s Super Bowl commercial.

The teaser shows an opulent room in which Franco is seated on a couch beside a large tiger. For some reason, Franco introduces himself as actor/comedian/former Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle. He and the tiger then rise and begin to exit the room, and Franco tells us that what we are going to see during Ford’s ad on Super Bowl Sunday will never have been done before “in the history of commercials.”

While we’re guessing that our expectations might be raised a bit too high by that statement, we have to admit that we are indeed eagerly waiting to see what they put together.