More often than not, when we discuss Super Bowl commercials we are talking about the big budget commercials put together by big name companies and which will run nationally and be seen by everyone who watches the Super Bowl.

But that’s not the whole story when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. There is also air time carved out and dedicated to ads with more limited reach – even during the biggest television event of the year, there are still ads that are locally and regionally focused. Usually, though, they stay that way, never exposed to a larger audience.

This year, we are going to shed some light on one of these ads. And in fact, in the spirit of the traditional big budget Super Bowl commercial, this particular regional ad even has its own teaser! The company is called Alex and Ani, and it is a jewelry design and sales company based in Rhode Island and steadily expanding throughout the northeastern part of America.

As Alex and Ani is celebrating their ten year anniversary this year, it’s fitting that they are also making their first foray into major advertising. Now, mind you that their commercial will only be seen in certain regional markets, but to all but the most astute viewers, it will certainly seem like this upstart jeweler has run a full-blown Super Bowl commercial.

And if the actual ad Alex and Ani has put together is nearly as compelling as this little teaser we are sharing with you today, then we fully believe that the spot deserves to go viral and end up as watched and re-watched as any spot from a major commercial. On the other hand, if they totally blew it and their spot is a dud, then we just gave them way more publicity than we meant to…