There is an inherent flaw to the commercial has created to air during Super Bowl XLVIII, but the fault lies not with the producers, yet rather with ourselves. To fully appreciate the layering and nuance of’s Super Bowl ad, one must be versed not only in both the vagaries of current pop culture and in global current events; one must also be a student of history.

The Super Bowl commercial may appear on its face to be a simple promotion for one of the day’s more vital and vibrant informational portals. But a closer inspection reveals it is in fact a deep and quite nearly profound criticism of the general culture of the day, and, more directly, of those focal points through which most of are unwittingly forced to consume news, media, and entertainment. The proverbial finger points most directly at that collective mass we term simply The News.

The commercial’s director, Hans Gruber, made no secret of the fact that he directly channeled Stanley Kubrick’s earlier works when conceiving of and developing the BuzzFeed Super Bowl commercial.

“When one watches Mr. Kubrick’s earliest works, such as ‘Paths of Glory,’ or even of course the iconic ‘[Dr.] Strangelove,’” says Gruber, “the alert viewer knows well that he is watching both narrative and criticism all at once. So too is our vision for this little clip of cinema, a creation I can hardly call a ‘commercial,’ for indeed it transcends the very nature of consumption!”

Gruber’s words are never truer than when his protagonist dismisses the traditional news as “Boooring” or when he admonishes news pundits to “Eat a bag of dicks, you racists!” The uninformed viewer might think of these as trite attempts to shock and/or cheap attempts at humor, rather than the damning commentary on the state of the current non-thinking consumer to which they truly allude.

In the humble opinion of this institution, has created not so much a Super Bowl commercial, but rather a superb clarion call to reason; one that will long echo in the minds of future intellectuals. Indeed, we here echo their sage words: “Journalism Is Dead!”

Oh yeah .. and fuck news![quote_box_center]Kudos to HLG Studios for pulling this off for us.

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Please share your views! We have been told that if there is enough outrage, this ad might be pulled before the game![/quote_box_center]