You go, girls!

(That will make sense and be a totally acceptable introductory line in the context of this company, believe us – our standards have not actually plummeted!)

Intuit has announced the winner of their “Small Business Big Game” contest, and it is the female-centric toymaker GoldieBlox, based out of Oakland, CA. This announcement is huge news for them, but it’s also big news for us viewers: this will be the first small business ever to have national a commercial run during a Super Bowl!

This innovative small business designs building and construction themed toys specifically created with little girls in mind with the hopes of attracting more females into the wildly male-dominated arenas of engineering (and related fields, such as architecture, industrial design, etc.). GoldieBlox hopes to provide an alternative set of toys for young girls who are largely limited to dolls and dress-up for their playtime.

And we commend this goal! Why should boys play with blocks, girls with Barbie, and that be the end of it? The simple answer, of course, is that culture has long dictated those as the standards. Thanks to Intuit picking up the four million dollar price tag of Super Bowl commercial airtime, GoldieBlox now stands poised to breakthrough those traditional gender barriers on the biggest stage around.

As a reminder, GoldieBlox beat out three other worthy finalists for this top honor. They were Barley Labs, makers of sustainable dog foods, LocallyLaid, an eco-minded egg farming operation, and Dairy Poop, a company offering all-natural (and surely pungent) fertilizer.

Those other three businesses have surely already gotten a nice bump from just being as close to the big game as they got, but we can hardly imagine how much good the actual Super Bowl commercial will do for GoldieBlox. The company currently boasts fewer than 50 workers (a condition of entry into the contest) but we have a feeling that won’t be the case for much longer.