This commercial is amazing; we wish we could be more circumspect, but we can’t. A bewigged Arnold Schwarzenegger challenges an unsuspecting average Joe to an epic game of ping pong before an audience of thousands, alright? Forget all the other stuff that happens in this protracted ad, that alone is enough.

Ah, but lots more does indeed happen during the wild ride put together by the folks over at Bud Light! The Bud Light commercial you will see during Super Bowl XLVIII will be trimmed down to 90 seconds (an eternity by Super Bowl commercial standards), but today we can show you the extended version of their “Whatever’s Next” spot.

The ad begins with a seemingly random encounter between a girl and a guy at a bar. The girl offers the guy a beer as long as he is open to “whatever happens next.” Seeing as she is pretty and he is sitting alone… he is. And what happens next is a whirlwind! Soon the man finds himself in a tricked out limo, next he is being dressed in a snappy suit, and then suddenly he is in an elevator with actor Don Cheadle and a six foot tall llama (that part is never really explained)! And then…

In what will surely rank as the most amazing moment in this man’s life (marriage? Kids? Ha!), he steps into a room in which stands a ping pong table, and across that table is The Terminator himself! Oh, and Arnold is dressed in 1970s style tennis garb and wearing a Conan the Barbarian-style wig!

The two men battle it out on the table tennis table as Arnold hurls taunts and insults. Finally the star of our commercial wins the game, at which point one wall of the room collapses, revealing thousands of fans watching their match and a stage set for a rock concert to begin that very second.

Normally, we’re not huge fans of these hidden camera setup videos. This one? We’re huge fans of it. Well done, Bud Light. We look forward to seeing the final cut during Super Bowl XLVIII!