Yeah, we called it: you might want a tissue on hand for this spot. Budweiser staged a truly inspiring and amazing event for one lucky soldier coming home after serving his country overseas. Lt. Chuck Nadd probably would have been happy enough just to fall into the arms of his wife, but Budweiser and his hometown had something a little bit bigger planned for this young soldier.

Hundreds and hundreds of people came out to hold a parade honoring Lt. Nadd, complete with Bud’s iconic Clydesdale horses, floats, confetti, and live music to life the spirits of one soldier and, one town, and by extension, maybe a hundred million viewers on Super Bowl Sunday, give or take ten or twenty million.

We showed you the teaser earlier. Now here is the whole commercial. You can try not to tear up, but you’re probably going to fail. Well done, Budweiser, for recognizing the sacrifices we ask of our soldiers and that they willingly make.