He’s back again, everyone! Captain Kir—er—we mean… William Shatner, the tireless champion of great pricing on hotels, flights, and rental cars! And this time the Negotiator is throwing a dude out a window. Shatner is always cool as a cucumber in this long-running ad campaign, and this time he is maintaining that even keeled-cool even as he climbs out the outside of a skyscraper alá Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

The Negotiator finds his daughter entering a hotel room with a suave young man who has a bit too much attitude for his own good, thus the whole being thrown out the window thing (he lands in a pool – he’s fine). But what this commercial has a bit too little of is any real spark. We think this one is destined to be soon forgotten.

What are your thoughts? Is this ad worth the four million bucks Priceline spent just for the airtime? Not a great example of careful spending, ey discount pricing site?