Say what you will about former Mr. Next Big Thing, the outspoken evangelist Tim Tebow, but don’t you dare say that his T-Mobile commercial is not excellent. Because it is. The former college quarterback star and current man without a country (or QB without an NFL team, for the more literal-minded of you) stars in a minute long montage of glory that’s sure to rank as one of Super Bowl XLVIII’s best commercials.

In the T-Mobile Super Bowl spot, Tebow discusses how not having a contract this year has freed him up to pursue all sorts of great things, such as being a mustachioed 1970s cop, tackling a sasquatch, fronting a hair metal band, and tossing a football on the moon, to name a few.

The truly beautiful thing about this ad? Its comical narrative is like an essay with a strong thesis point, for the message T-Mobile wants you to get is that they will buy out your existing wireless provider’s contract letting you switch to them with ease.

The T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial manages to be absurdist and over-the-top, but it also stays on message (unlike, say, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad, which is totally cute, but has nothing at all to do with beer). That’s a fine accomplishment; a tip of the cap goes to Tebow and T-Mobile.