Looks like things are pretty bleak for ol’ Peter Parker, folks! Er wait—we meant Spider Man, sorry to blow the whole secret alter ego thing. But anyway, judging from the trailer teaser we got our hands on in the run up to Super Bowl XLVIII, it seems like the next installment in the venerable Spider Man franchise is taking a turn for the darker.

We won’t be able to see the whole trailer until it airs during the big game, but we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to feature a lot of footage of a man wearing a skintight red and blue suit swinging around in a city, and likely fighting a bunch of scary super villains.

Why “this is bigger than” Spider Man, as Gwen Stacy says in this teaser, we’re not sure… but we’re going to guess it might have something to do with the appearance of that huge evil rhino creature we get a glimpse of here. Could the web slinger have met his match? Or will he somehow come out victorious (not to mention alive) at the end of the film just like always happens in each and every superhero movie that has been choking up our theaters in recent years?

Either way, check out the teaser, and then soon enough we’ll all see the actual trailer together!