We have to hand it to the innovative team over there at Frito Lay: they have identified an opportunity and capitalized on it brilliantly.

Building on the enthusiasm for their perennial “Crash the Super Bowl” video submission contest – wherein amateur filmmakers are hoodwinked into doing the company’s work for them, spending their own time, money, and effort creating commercials and launching a massive surge of publicity for the Doritos brand of tortilla chips while the company itself sits back on its orange-tinged laurels reaping the benefits of this yeoman’s labor – the company has announced its “Crash Our Everything Contest.”

Rarely does such a massive corporation so effectively relate to its customer base as Doritos has proved it is capable of doing. The average consumer of Doritos is not only a discerning snack food aficionado, but also a ready, willing, and able “brand ambassador” (also known as a “fucking sheep” in the lexicon of the marketing/PR industry).


By offering customers the opportunity to “crash” more than just the Super Bowl, but also to “crash” various malfunctioning office equipment, soiled break rooms, and the tattered remnants of employee’s relationships – relationships once fueled by undying passion and unbridled lust yet now reduced to mere smoldering embers which grow colder by the day, embers no longer even warm, no longer glowing, soon to burn out completely – Frito Lay stands to not only further strengthen the loyalty of already devoted customers, but also to have much of their office work done for free.

Not only is the “Crash Our Everything”  contest great for publicity, but frankly it will help the company’s bottom line as well – surely they can lay off countless janitorial and entry level employees as fanatical fans flock to the company’s headquarters frothing at the mouth for the chance to be of service.

We couldn’t be more excited to be the first to announce the new “Doritos Crash Our Everything Contest!” And now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go try to fix their copy machine for them thanks to unthinking compulsion![quote_box_center]Kudos to HLG Studios for pulling this off for us. To watch more of their work including an extended version of this commercial Click Here – NOW![/quote_box_center]