The rumors are swirling that come game, we might be treated to a mini-reunion of the cast of TV’s beloved sitcom “Seinfeld,” and in the most wonderful format of all… a Super Bowl commercial!

Listen: we don’t have a teaser to show you. We don’t have production stills. In fact, we’ve got nothing but a whole lot of circumstantial evidence and one hellofa strong gut feeling (or is that the ulcer acting up?). But if anyone is willing to make a very low stakes bet, then we’ll be that Super Bowl XLVIII is going to come with a spot starring Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine (meaning Jerry, Jason, Michael and Julia, that is).

Here are the pieces of the puzzle: earlier this year Jerry Seinfeld hinted at a reunion of the cast. He also hinted at their project being a “short film” of around sixty seconds only. And his publicist hinted at something big coming up soon.

So… while we don’t claim to be latter day Sherlock Holmeses, or anything, but the evidence sure seems to point to a Seinfeld Super Bowl spectacular!