If Sony’s Playstation phone is anything like their commercial for the Playstation phone, then Nintendo and Apple have absolutely nothing to worry about. This spot is dark, ugly, sweaty, and then it gets a little whiff of Human Centipede when they graft thumbs onto the Android robot logo. Sony has hopefully learned from Nokia’s disastrous experience with the DOA N-Gage, but we’re not too hopeful overall about this Playstation Phone experiment.

This commercial makes absolutely zero sense in so many different ways, and we absolutely love it just for that. They stopped just short of going all Family Guy with the digressions, which is really too bad because they should have taken it all the way. This spot should have been 60 seconds long and just kept piling on the similes until people turned the channel in utter confusion. And the acrobat in the mattress store should have been naked. Those two changes and this commercial would have been perfect.