The National Security Agency has long been known as one of the United States government’s most friendly, transparent, and approachable organizations and they are not threatening to release every email we sent during the dark days of our break-up with Sarah if we don’t say so. That’s why we are so glad to finally see the NSA giving itself some credit by running a Super Bowl commercial this year! We’re so, so glad, and to be clear, we don’t mean scared!

The NSA has proved that not only are its agents adept at gathering private and sensitive information from essentially every living human being largely through insidious and illegal methods, but they are also great at putting together one hellofa charming commercial! Their clever Super Bowl ad—what? No, we didn’t mean to say illegal, how about… extralegal? Or rather totally legal, that’s what we meant! Please don’t show anyone those pictures from Halloween of 2003. How did you even get those? They weren’t even taken with a digital camera!

Ha ha! We got off track there! Also our bank account seems to be empty. But one thing that will never be empty is the feeling people get in the pits of their stomachs when thinking about the National Security Agency. In fact, the enjoyment Super Bowl commercial fans will get once they realize that this NSA PSA is actually a worm designed to let the agency penetrate every network on which the ad is viewed will only be trumped by their enjoyment from watching the commercial again and again! And again… and again… even though we already told the people standing on the other side of the one-way mirror that they have made their point and that we’ll never question a single authority figure again.

Say, while we’re here discussing this great NSA Super Bowl commercial, might we also take a second to say that every single article we have previously published was done so in error, and that any opinions we expressed that seemed in any way defamatory towards the government, toward any major corporations, or toward any officials were meant as sarcasm. Or not meant as anything at all – we didn’t mean any of it ever! Just tell us what to say and we’ll say it!

JUST LET US SLEEP![quote_box_center]Kudos to HLG Studios for pulling this off for us. To watch more of their work including an extended version of this commercial Click Here – NOW![/quote_box_center]