Who could have predicted this one? If you had asked us if we thought Radio Shack was going to run a commercial during Super Bowl XLVIII, we would have asked you if the company was still even in business! It turns out they are, and they must think they’re going to stay very much in business and relevant for years to come.

The ad was a great example of a company knowing what most people think about it and playing off of that notion to great comedic effect. In the ad, a must re-watch, we see “the 80s” wreaking havoc on a dated Radio Shack. That means Dee Snider from Twisted Sister knocking merchandise from the shelves, Hulk Hogan, etc.

But what’s left behind after the destruction is a clean, new store, one ready to carry Radio Shack forward into the future! We guess. We don’t much care, really, we just liked the ad.