See, we know SodaStream was full of hot air when they tried to release the first version of their Scarlett Johansson Super Bowl commercial! Remember this thing? The clip where Scar Jo turns to the camera and says “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi!”

That was a blatant attempt to get added PR for having a banned ad, and we all know it. Clearly the company had already shot an alternate spot, and that’s the one that aired during the game.

And it was not a compelling spot, either.

In the SodaStream ad, the actress talks about the product, then takes off a lab coat and whirls around in a black dress.

And that alone does not a great Super Bowl commercial make, but that’s all we got! And hopefully ScarJo made enough money out of this, to make up for her breakup with OxFam.

(Now, as hard as we’ve tried, the clever kids at Soda Stream have not put the “censored” version online. So close your ears when ScarJo says “Sorry Coke and Pepsi”.)